Friday, May 9, 2008

Renegade Drive in (Drive in like no other)

The spot!:

The Concept!:

Radio Blamo! provides the audio: 88.7 FM

Simply tune in to hear the movie madness :-)

Start your own, all you need to know can be found here: Instructable!

Updates are sent via text message, location, time, date and movie.

Monday, May 5, 2008

May 14th|boston, signal, performing_robotron + solo sets @ middlesex club

Videos and info to indulge in:


Thursday, May 1, 2008

alter id may 2nd info

** ALTER ID **
MAY 2nd 11pm-sunrise

..creation station to rock tha nation..
alter id will be an all night masquerade/costume party/art show at a
loft space in somerville, walking distance from the T. (exact
directions emailed out day of the show)
artistic contributions inspired by SIM people from massart..
dj's -such as dj skunk&friends- will be playing throughout the night.
we will go at least until the T starts in the morning and we encourage
you to stay till then..
this is all happening in part as a fundraiser for the artwork of
Andrea Zampitella - please support her with a $5-$10 contribution

to get on the guest list reply to this email (
with your name, if you have not already done so.
we will email out exact directions the day of the party.

(("id" is your primal instinct/impulse))

PS - mask making supplies to share are welcome..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Explosions of experience!

L.E.A.F. Fundraiser | June 16th | 3D Action

Allston will never be the same, ever!

. . . ::Details:: . . .
Cost : $5.00
Cause: L.E.A.F. Fundraiser for Firefly
DJs and Set Times: 3d Action

::Other Events For The Day::
Yard Sale | Starts at 12 Noon!
SkillShare | Starts at 5!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

L.E.A.F. Fundraiser . . : :3d: : . . June 16th

This event is a fundraiser for the L.E.A.F. tribe camp at Firefly 2007.
Date: Saturday, June 16th
Location: Allston Nut House | If you have an invite, you know the address
Cost: $5.00 at the door which helps towards throwing the event and helps with the money needed to make the L.E.A.F. camp at firefly even more of a success and an even better experience for all of those that attend. Also there will be two kegs for you, the drinking massive!
Theme: The premise is a perceptional mind fuck, think M.C. Escher trapped inside and 8-bit video game with 3d glasses and psychedelics. Lots deco and visuals to make this a reality.
The Venue: 4 Floors of space, . 2 areas of sound, a chill room and numerous nooks to venture off into.
Deco: Insane, trust us!

The Creative Geniuses that will be rocking your cochleas all night:
Attention: Two minor changes to the line-up. Everyone playing downstairs is pushed back an hour after 1am. So-So_Gutter is playing upstairs from 12 -1 and Skunk downstairs from 11-12.

|Dev/Null |Confirmed |
Official Website
Play|1 - 2|yalp

|DJ Skunk |Confirmed|
Play|11 - 12|yalp

|Encanti |Confirmed|
Play|12 - 1|yalp

Hollow |Confirmed|
Play|4:30 - 6:30|yalp

|Manipulation |Confirmed|
Play|4:30 - 6:30|yalp

Play|11 - 12|yalp

|Maxx Haze| Confirmed|
Official Website
Play|4 - 6|yalp

|Mr.Eyeslee |Confirmed|
Play|10 - 11|yalp

|Nora Jean |Confirmed|
Play|1 - 2|yalp

|ProfessorPious |Confirmed|
Play|3 - 4:30|yalp

|So_So_Gutter |Confirmed|
Play|12 - 1|yalp

|TechnoBitch |Confirmed|
Play|2 - 3|yalp

|Vector |Confirmed|
Play|2 - 4|yalp

|Vinyl Blight |Confirmed|
Official Website
Play|3 - 4:30|yalp

| Zyler | Confirmed|
Official Website
Play|10 - 11|yalp

The musical array of insanity that will be present for this night will rock your mind into an auditory scramble of frequencies that will take you on a journey through the infinite time of your mind.

Visual Mind Benders

|VJ Bonk |Confirmed|
Official Website

| Zyler | Confirmed|
Official Website

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yard Sale | June 16th | Noon

Sunday, June 10, 2007

First email blast!

Tell a friend, tell everyone. This yard sale is a couple of things. First it's an opportunity for you, yes you, to bring records, CDs, gear, movies, whatever to sell. Get rid of what you no longer want or need. You know, one's man's garbage is another mans, blah blah blah . . .

We will advertise, get the traffic and provide you with a place to sell your stuff. You just keep your end of the bargain, bring stuff to sell. Hang out, make some money, chill with like minded individuals and travel down nostalgia lane, while chatting about your random collectibles.

People who bring records and are planning on playing later for the fundraiser will have a secure place to keep their stuff for the party. No need to cart everything home right away.

Two, it's a part of the Fundraiser for the L.E.A.F. camp at Firefly. We as a collective have a lot of expenses, but not necessarily the monetary means to support it all. We have some dope ideas and want to see all of them come to life, ask us about them, you'll want to help out and see them into fruition. Trust!

The yard sale starts at noon, Saturday, June 16th. Feel free to come early to set up. Those of you coming to shop, swing by after noon.
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The Skillshare was a last minute decision but looks like it will come together nicely. We are in the process of confirming a couple of classes. Please feel free to contact us, through whatever means is easiest for you if you are interested in running a workshop.

So far, confirmed workshops:

1. Circuit Bending 101 | A crash course

some. Either way, come and make some great sounds.>

2. To Be Announced {Please feel free to inquire about running a workshop}

3. To Be Announced {Please feel free to inquire about running a workshop}

4. To be announced {Please feel free to inquire about running a workshop}
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ATTENTION: The cover is $5.00 !!!
This covers costs and puts money towards everything that is being put into the party, which is a lot. We are putting an insane amount of effort in this thing for everyone, we want to you to enjoy yourself on a million levels.

INVITE ONLY! Get yours, it's the only way you can get in.
Do not show up without an invite, because you simply won't be let in. Those are the breaks. Deal ; )

The invites are being past out by 7 primary cardholders. We will be posting where those seven people will be in the next two weeks and who they are, soon. This list will include venues and weeklies they will be attending and who they are, simply look for them, ask for an invite. If you do not know them, go to the listed event, there will be a way to identify them. Details are being worked out, update tomorrow evening.